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Constructive Lives is the construction industry’s collaborative podcast and online magazine that focuses on finding great stories within the construction industry about organisations and people who are doing something constructive..

Topics include but are not limited to mental and physical health, investigating organisations that are ahead of the pack when it comes to sustainability, collaboration and team building, and initiatives that do social good.

We also have our eyes and ears alert for cutting edge technologies and new updates on the industry’s economy and outlook.

From ex-Guardian journalists to TV builders

The eclectic team includes Henry McDonald, recently retired from The Guardian and Observer, Peter Finn, the Irish builder who stars currently on Home Rescue on RTE, Steve Randall, radio presenter and podcast training, Matt Banks, journalist and PR, and Jackie De Burca, author, podcast host and creative consultant. Learn more about how Pete the Builder ended up on television.

Henry McDonald

Henry McDonald Constructive LivesHenry McDonald’s journalism has taken him from Belfast to Beirut, from the borderlands of South Armagh to the frontier zone between Israel and Lebanon. Henry has written for a number of international magazines such as ‘The Spectator’ and ‘GQ’ as well as feature articles for Observer Life. He has worked for a variety of newspapers from The Irish News, to the Evening Press in Dublin, The Sunday Times, The Belfast Telegraph, Irish Echo in New York and latterly as a staff correspondent for The Observer and The Guardian where he spent 23 years.

In broadcasting, Henry has a depth of experience in both television and radio. He was Security Correspondent for BBC Northern Ireland during the vital period leading to the IRA and loyalist paramilitary ceasefires in 1994. He also produced news reports for the BBC’s national television network. In addition, Henry worked on two health programmes for Ulster Television as an on-line reporter/producer.

Between 1996 to 2000 Henry was a television correspondent for Channel 5 News. Radio was the medium where Henry made his breakthrough reporting for BBC Youth programmes radio show ‘The Bottom Line’ in the mid to late 1980s. Henry was also fronted and co-produced an award-winning radio documentary on the future of sectarianism in Scotland one year after the ceasefires in Northern Ireland for Radio Five Live.

Having worked at The Guardian for over two decades Henry was at the centre of the digital journalism revolution. He produced an online internet documentary on an upsurge of paramilitary violence in Derry for The Guardian’s website. Henry has used all the digital tools of journalism including his own photography, video and social media spreading the story.

Peter Finn

eter-Finn-Irish-TV-builder-1Peter Finn is a builder on the hit Irish TV Construction themed shows: Room to Improve, Home Rescue & Great House Revival.

He is the Managing Director of Building Contracting Company from Dublin - MDS Construction and has over 25 years of Building experience.

Peter's portfolio includes a vast range of projects from highly sensitive public & private conservation projects, the relocation of the Fair City (Irish EastEnders) TV filming set, numerous high-end private homes (New Build & restoration) & various commercial fit-out projects

As well as being all of the above and the proud Dad of three beautiful daughters, Peter is a sports enthusiast. He plays for Dublin Masters GAA (Irish football) team & is a former semi-pro soccer player.